The Start of CGA Jam

Started working on CGA Jam. I’m basically going to do a mirror-like minigame where a projectile is fired and you have to angle the mirrors/panels in a way that hits the end-objective.

Things going ok so far, ran into some hiccups around mouse dragging (to rotate the panels) so I’ve compromised and added click events that rotate the sprite by 45 degrees for now. Given the 2 week time frame and my lack of time between that period I’ll do what I can a revisit such mechanics towards the end if time allows.

I want to try and keep the display very much ‘tile-based’. I’ve had this idea of splitting up the canvas by cells to keep this effect without having to do a bunch of calculations all the time. Though that is proving problematic as I’m never sure when a position’s value is ‘cell-based’ of coordinate based off the canvas. Perhaps it’s just naming convention. Right now it’s just a couple of util functions, so it might be I need to create a factory to accommodate for the login game-wide.