Damn this game framework is nice. The docs are pretty solid and the object orientated structure just makes sense. Unity had this UI and visual editor I had to get familiar with and all this stuff, but this is straight up code - and it’s wonderful.

I’m getting quite familiar with how things work now and have already created my own mini platformer in a rather short amount of time.

Surprisingly, there doesn’t seem to be too many open source Phaser games, and those that are pretty messy/old, mainly written in ES5 in a single file with little to no sense of structure. I’m hoping as mine is public, it’ll help other devs out. Who knows, maybe someone will make a different game from it, or it becomes a repo that is completely ignored. Time will tell.

I’m learning a ton and it’s been really great to get back into some other Javascript away from React. As good as React is, it seems to be all I’m doing these days and I’m scared of getting a little too accustomed to it - frameworks come and go, including Phaser!