I recently read The 4-Hour Work Week by Timothy Ferriss. He talks a lot about automating menial tasks in order save time that can be used elsewhere. Inspired by this, I’ve created my first Serverless app using Go that will be the foundation for adding tasks I do not wish to do.

The tasks I’ve started with are: - Check for available domains I may wish to purchase using a whois lookup. - Checking if one of my websites is down.

If these checks return anything I need to know about, a SMS is sent to my phone using Amazon SNS. Originally I was planning on using the Pushover App but it looks like this isn’t maintained much and I’d also need another app on my phone.

Truthfully these are not tasks I often perform, but it’s good to have these automated in case things go wrong or I can snag a domain at a bargain price. With the app in place I can add other tasks at ease should I see myself often repeating things manually in the near future.

Why the name? Well in Australia a shit kicker is one who is given menial tasks in employment. Kicker is my menial task performer, but without the profanity!

Also, it’s open source. See the code here: