General Assembly

I’m starting this year with a new job. I’m now working at General Assembly as a Front End Engineer.

Today marks my 2nd week at the company and so far so good. I’m working remotely for the US team, so they’ve kitted me out with a new Macbook and monitor set up. It’s pretty neat.

I’ll be working with React SPAs and Rails. I haven’t touched much Ruby in the past, so that should be interesting. I’m also keen on doing more Javascript work, though I’m hoping I can play with the language more than solely using React and Redux.

This year I also want to do more with C++ outside of work. I may pick up where I left off with SDL or go slightly higher level using Unreal Engine.

Finally, this is the year I also aim to release my own web product. As a developer, I am in a fortunate position to be able to solve any problem I choose to. I have a few ideas looming but I think now is a good time I think about producing something for myself.