Domain Checker

Wrote a quick Python 3 script to check for domain name availability. Been wanting to write this script for awhile and thought I’d try a different language. I saw Python was doing pretty well in popularity in the Stack Overflow 2017 Developer Survey, so figured I’d give that a shot since I hadn’t tried it since Python 2.5 or something.

Basically it’s not bullet proof and I’m sure there’s a ton of problems with it, but for 3-4 hours work, it’s enough for my needs and it was a decent enough learning experience.

Also, although I didn’t end up needing any dependencies for a tiny script, I had a brief look for Python’s version of the npm package.json. I found out they still use the 2.x package manager pip, but everything is installed globally and the only way to save the dependencies for others to know is through a plain text file. Check out this Stack Overflow answer for more info.

Like pip install -r requirements.txt? Seriously? What’s up with that?

You can check out the repo here: I would have thought this would be a pretty mainstream tool but that doesn’t seem to be the case. Might be a good SaaS model idea there somewhere.