This month I begin a new position as a Full Stack Software Engineer at Countingup, a fintech working in the accounting space.

Like most freelancers, I use an accounting app in order to manage my finances. There is a variety of software in this area and some work considerably well.

But what if there was a way to have the finances managed automatically? This is where Countingup comes in. By providing a debit card, the idea is to have all incomings and outgoings done through the card, without needing to manually do the bookkeeping. Soon they aim to have tax calculated and filed automatically for you with HMRC’s new public API. Neat!

So obviously, as I have experienced this problem myself, I am super keen to see what we can achieve in this space. Furthermore, their stack uses Go, a language I have taken a lot of interest in due to it being a lower level, compiled, statically typed and simple language. It’ll be a great opportunity to learn more and challenge myself further.