CGA Game Jam

Entering my first game jam! Thought it could be a fun little project to try something new. I found CGA Jam through Twitter, and the details can all be found on Kronbit’s Itch page.

CGA stands for Colour Graphics Adapter, which was an early 80’s graphics card, built by IBM for their iconically named ‘IBM PC’. The colour palette available consisted of 16 mildly gross colours, with only 4 being able to be used at any one ‘session’.

There were 2 common palettes used in BIOS modes, which are also limitations for the Jam’s games:

Palette 0

Palette 1

I haven’t decided on mechanics, design or palette to use just yet. My focus is to experiment and get familiar with Phaser, a 2D Javascript framework that I want to use. Once I have a basic understanding, I’ll be able to get an idea oh what is achievable in the time frame. I’ve also got to fit in more travel time whilst I’m in Japan so time is always limited.

I’ve setup up a public Github repo to host my code that is deployed to Github pages with a Bash script. It’s all being built with a typical 2017 Js setup: Webpack, Babel, etc.